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Elastic Tapes for Textile Industry

Elastic Tapes For Textile Industry

  • Our brand is PULAST®.
  • TPU elastic tapes are producible in various thicknesses and widths in transparent and black colors.
  • With its semi-transparent appearance, it offers a wide range of uses ranging from knitted clothing, underwear, disposable medical clothing, and home textiles.
  • It provides 70% flexibility in the standard, the elongation rate is reduced to 3% where required. With a specially produced series, 300% flexibility can be provided.
  • TPE elastic tapes are producible in various thicknesses and widths in transparent and black colors.
  • Our TPE elastic tapes are a special product developed in opposition to rubber latex. Does not contain latex. It does not have an allergic structure like latex.
  • Thanks to its water-repellent structure, it is not affected by seawater and pool chlorine. Thus, it does not rot and break like rubber tape. It does not lose its form. It is 300% flexible.
  • All products are our own production.
  • All of our products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Classes 1 certified. They do not contain any chemicals harmful to the environment and human health.
  • They are all recyclable products.

The place of use : Underwear, outerwear, kidswear, knitted outerwear, woven outerwear, bra, camiknicks, disposable clothes,swimsuit, bikini, burkini, home textile. household linen, bedclothes, sheets, Hosiery, socks, no show socks, stocking, footwear etc.

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