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Arya Polimer was established in 1999 to provide professional service to all the demands of the Polymer Industry in Turkey, thanks to its high knowledge and fully equipped technology.

Arya Polimer, which has a dynamic structure thanks to the advantage of manufacturing its existing machinery and molds within its structure, has achieved a highly competitive opportunity in its sector.

In addition to its domestic market value, it continues to add new countries and companies to its portfolio thanks to the domestic and international fairs it participates in.

Our Quality Approach

Arya Polimer has registered the value it attaches to human health and nature in its sector with the Oeko-Tex Class 1 Standard 100 certificate for all product groups it owns. In addition, PULAST Trademark Registration Certificate, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate, ISO 45001 Quality Certificate, ISO 13485 Quality Certificate, and REACH declaration have shown Arya Polimer’s difference in the sector.

Our Quality Policy

As ARYA POLİMER, we are working to meet the expectations completely and to carry the services we offer to our customers to the highest quality. 

For this purpose; 

  • To always be fair and honest to our business partners, customers, and staff, 
  • To increase our awareness as the industry leader in Plastics Manufacturing. 
  • To fully comply with quality, environmental, and safety standards at all stages of our services, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. 
  • To do the right thing at the first time and every time and to increase the competitive power of the company with continuous improvement, 
  • To determine critical points in the service process, to take preventive measures for errors and nonconformities, and to ensure continuity in quality with effective corrective actions in possible problems, 
  • Reflecting contemporary practices to service quality by following technological developments, 
  • To take necessary measures promptly by evaluating risks and opportunities,
  • Keeping teamwork as a basis, 
  • To make a continuous review of the appropriateness, effectiveness, and continuous improvement of the quality management system as our founding philosophy
  • Profit – Loss; To ensure high motivation by sharing success and failure with all personnel. 

Is Our Quality Policy.

Our Vision & Mission

Arya Polimer, which has determined to provide permanent and unreachable superiorities by creating differences as the company vision, has adopted it as a company mission to produce goods and services at an international level, to strengthen the Turkish economy by providing the necessary capital to maintain unconditional customer satisfaction and continuous development.

What are we doing ?

Arya Polimer produces; transparent elastic tape, silicon elastic tape, clear tpu tape, heading elastic tape, transparent strap tape, tpu transparent tape, textile tape, textile accessories, tpu tape, transparent mobilon tape, framilon tape, framilon band, transparent framilon tape, clear elastic tape, framilon clear elastic tape, framilon flat elastic tape, elastic tpu tape,mobilon tape, mobilon tpu tape, tpe tape, rubber elastic tape, rubber elastic band, rubber band, tpe tape, latex-free tape, latex tape, latex free elastic tape, synthetic rubber tape, synthetic rubber band, extruded tape, elastic tape for masks, circular elastic tape, extruded elastic atape, latex free mask tape, synthetic rubber tap efor masks, rubber band for masks, elastic band for masks, elastic tape for N95 masks, rubber band for N95 masks, latex free band for N95 masks, PPE products, elastic tape for medical masks, TPE elastic tape, TPE elastic band, tpu hoses, medical hoses, abs tubes, pp tubes, polypropylene tubes, pe hoses, poltethylene hoses, ps tubes, polystrene tubes,transparent flu film for label, tpu film for medical applications, tpe film, pe film, headband, head rope, hairpin, hair-slide, money bands, money rubber bands, packing bands, packaging bands, food packaging band etc.